American Towns

American Towns is a great site to get information on the city that you are moving into, or have lived in for all your life. Check out news and events going on the area. This is one site that has something to interest everybody

Teacher A Plus

Teacher A Plus is a site that has information on purchasing a house. This site was directly created for educators, however it has good information that anyone can appreciate. is a good site for doing a home search and resources on different areas. You will also find resources on renting and selling your home as well.


Trulia is another site that has information on schools and purchasing a home. The information is independent and can be posted freely by those who complete a free signup.

AZ Central

Local news in Arizona. Also information about local about restaurants and places to go. Make sure to check out the deals area where you can find coupons for places around Phoenix.

City of Phoenix

Government site for Phoenix. Information about the local government and other important information regarding Phoenix.